CELTIC ILLUMINATION: A Window Into the Celtic Soul

Chrissy Archbold

This project was inspired by the various illuminated gospels produced by Celtic monks in the 7th Century CE. Astonishing in their complexity and detail, as part of the project I attempted to explore the mindset and the way of being that enabled single individuals to produce such intricate and beautiful work in very austere conditions with such limited tools. My intention was to produce my own version of a ‘carpet page’ (an illuminated ‘preface’ page to a gospel) and to do this I learnt how to draw and paint celtic knots, triskeles and spirals as well as zoomorphology. Here is the result of my endeavours.

A Boar


Triskele (Three Pronged Spiral)


Knot with ‘breaks’

‘Solomons’ Knot


The Final ‘Carpet Page’

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