‘Speaking from the Heart: Egyptian Weighing of the Heart Ceremony’

Lindsay Gladstone

Speaking from the Heart

In the guise of a deceased woman’s soul encased within the heart I played out a drama portraying the value of self judgement. I offered a perspective proposing how every thought and action taken by an individual affects the evolutionary refinement of the soul in its quest to return to the eternal Source in the afterlife. My script encapsulated the concept of Maat, who was the ancient Egyptian goddess and moderator of equilibrium within the universe and who acted as a counterweight to the heart when placed in the scales of Thoth during the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. Seeking exoneration through virtue of the 42 Negative confessions the soul was declared “true of voice – justified” and allowed to reside alongside Osiris-Orion amid the stars of the constellation Orion.

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