Students  all undertake a creative project the aim of which is to apply their own cognitive, affective and creative processes to the understanding of the course material, developing an ability to interpret and develop themes imaginatively and symbolically.

See some examples below.

Celtic Illumination: A Window into the Celtic Soul

Chrissy Archbold

This creative project was inspired by a trip to Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island in Northumberland. It was here that Eadfrith created the Lindisfarne Gospels, ‘one of the world’s greatest masterpieces of manuscript painting’, around 698 CE. In this creative project I set out to create my own piece of ‘Celtic Illumination’ using the motifs of the Illuminated Gospels and at the same time to explore the way of being that enabled the Celtic monks to produce such intricate and magnificent works of art.

Alchemical Paintings

Louise Bunn

Alchemy is not merely a laboratory process to discover the elixir of life or the Philosophers’ Stone but was understood to also be a metaphysical process, concerned with the development of the soul.  For my creative project I decided I wanted to do a series of paintings…

‘Amor, Vigor, Anima, Musica Collage’

Anthony Perrett

The cosmology of Marsilio Ficino was based on that of the Church teachings and he looked back to the neo Platonists. Since the 18th Century, science appeared increasingly to take away some of the enchantment of the cosmos, as David Bohm notes, humanity’s view of its surroundings has grown increasingly fragmented.

To attempt to capture a new myth, sacred in its essence, an icon appeared to me to be appropriate following Cheetham….

‘Four Songs of Dionysus’ Poems

Carole Taylor

The inspiration for my creative project arose out of an essay on the role of symbolism in the Dionysian rites. I developed a very personal connection to the material, trying to imagine what the rites may have felt like for those who participated – the essay was formal, but as I wrote my head was filled with spontaneous images and lines of poetry. I wrote the poem in four sections to reflect the Four Levels hermeneutic (also the idea of cycles of life and death, and of seasonal flow) but allowed the work to grow organically.

‘Petite Pandora’ Video

Jodie Miller

“Petite Pandora and the Sacred Gift is a story based on the journey of a girl who wakes with no memory of who she is and how she arrived there. Her adventures and the characters that she meets are based on the archetypes of the tarot’s major arcana, sometimes known as ‘the fool’s journey’.

Storytelling: Parzival and the Quest for the Grail

(After Wolfram Von Eschenbach)

Philippe Sibaud

In astrological parlance I suffer from the affliction of a Saturn/Mercury conjunction. In layman’s terms, joining together Saturn (contraction) and Mercury (communication) may make oneself very uncomfortable in one’s expression. Indeed, I have always been bad at telling stories – be they jokes or life stories – always feeling that I was losing people’s attention half way through, always having difficulties to really embody the story and own it.

Speaking from the Heart

Lindsay Gladstone

In the guise of a deceased woman’s soul encased within the heart I played out a drama portraying the value of self judgement. I offered a perspective proposing how every thought and action taken by an individual affects the evolutionary refinement of the soul in its quest to return to the eternal Source in the afterlife…

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