Below you will find a list of the dissertations which represent cutting-edge research into new consciousness which cannot necessarily be discovered in bookshops. Discover the latest thinking here before it gets distilled into hundreds of books in the ‘New Age’ sector!

The Red Death – Menstruation as a Symbol of Renewal

Karen Smith


How are we to view menstruation in our modern world? With advancements in science, women can, for the first time in history, choose to stop menstruating. While many women are making the decision to free themselves from the “curse”, many others are forming in groups all over the Western world, to honour and celebrate what they consider a potent symbol of female power. What is the future of menstruation and does it matter?

Are we nearly there yet? – The soul’s longing as human/divine, and as evolutionary impulse

Katherine Pierpoint


This dissertation considers the human experience of the longing which comes from the soul, and its potency. It finds that soul-longing has a unique function, entirely apart from everyday emotional longings for this or that. This function is to have experience of ourselves in relation to divine intelligence.  

The Falcon and the Falconer: 

Marcus Sly


There are myriad birds scattered throughout William Butler Yeats’s plays and poetry. In the lyric poems alone there are over 90 references to birds of one type or another, ranging from familiar native wildfowl—jackdaws, ravens, doves, sparrows, moorhens—to the famous golden bird of Byzantium that was “Planted on the starlit golden bough” to “scorn aloud / In glory of changeless metal”. There has been a good deal of scholarly attention paid to the golden bird, and the famous swans that are particularly associated with Yeats’s verse, but less has been written about many of his other symbolic birds, and I have not found any broad survey of the place of birds as a whole in his symbolic system. This is a shortfall I seek to make up in this dissertation.

Imagining the World: Contemplating the Reality of the Astrological Horoscope

 Carole Taylor


I reflect on the ‘reality’ of the astrological horoscope and the order of knowledge offered by it. Because the question strikes to the heart of astrological practice, the endeavour is potentially huge – I have chosen to focus on the broad division between literal and imaginative ways of viewing astrological information and to follow the views of a few notable writers in respect of the horoscope as imaginal landscape.

Explanatory Fictions – A Reason to Believe

An enquiry into how astrology functions as a narrative healing construct and comparative study of placebo effects in conventional medicine

 Nicola Smuts-Allsop


This dissertation provides an enquiry into the relationships between healing, narrative, and cosmologies. Recently, medical scholars have begun to examine the role that narrative plays in their healing practices. A discussion of this new research forms the background for an examination of the interrelationship between narrative and cosmology in the context of healing.

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