We explore divination and its relationship to magic and the imaginal, and its place in culture. This involves a range of concerns from theurgy and divinisation (making divine), to inductive divinatory systems, psychism, fortune-telling and cosmological ‘divinatory knowing’ through astrology.

Below are are papers and short articles related to the topic of divination.

Voss, A. ‘Father Time and Orpheus’

This chapter from The Imaginal Cosmos (2007) takes as its starting point a small painting attributed to Giorgione, named 'The Astrologer' (Phillips Collection, Washington DC). It depicts a musician next to an old man with an hourglass in the landscape, with a setting...

Imagining the World: Contemplating the Reality of the Astrological Horoscope

I reflect on the ‘reality’ of the astrological horoscope[1] and the order of knowledge offered by it. Because the question strikes to the heart of astrological practice, the endeavour is potentially huge – I have chosen to focus on the broad division between literal and imaginative ways of viewing astrological information and to follow the views of a few notable writers in respect of the horoscope as imaginal landscape.

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