We aim to broaden understanding of mythopoeic imagination, sacred experience and imaginal cosmology. We explore the polarisation of scientific and religious thinking, and investigate theories and methods for the analysis and understanding of sacred and symbolic texts and practices.

Below are are papers and short articles related to the topic of esoteric tradition.

Wilson, S. “The Grail Utopia in Southern Germany

Abstract: In the article, originally published in the Temenos Academy Review 14, I look at the mysterious links between the Grail Chapel of the romances and a church in Bavaria. What happens when esoteric symbols from literature are given concrete physical form?...

Wilson, S. “A Religion of Black and White

Abstract: In this article, originally published in the Temenos Academy Review (2012), I explore different levels of the sacred symbolism of black and white. I trace them to their highest meaning, beyond all form, beyond all colour, and even beyond the reach of the...

Voss, A. ‘Father Time and Orpheus’

This chapter from The Imaginal Cosmos (2007) takes as its starting point a small painting attributed to Giorgione, named 'The Astrologer' (Phillips Collection, Washington DC). It depicts a musician next to an old man with an hourglass in the landscape, with a setting...

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