Students keep ongoing personal reflections on the course material in a Learning Journal. It provides a space for creative and reflective expressions and can take the form of dream diaries, poems, synchronicities, or other imaginative and symbolic forms.

On this page we show you some examples.

Learning Journal

Philippe Sibaud

“We are not the artists but the drawings”

“I am not here to learn. I am here to unlearn”. This was my answer to the question being asked on the morning of induction day – “why have you joined the MA?”. What I meant, really, was that I was not here to learn ab-out but to unlearn so as to learn ab-in. Transformative learning as a tool for self-knowledge, as Dirkx emphasizes – and this will be the angle of that review:

I want to know more about the censor and the judge who apparently hold residence within my inner world, the parent and the young child, the trickster, the deviant, the man behind the curtain” (Dirkx in Dirkx, Mezirow and Cranton 2006, p. 127).

Learning Journal

Katherine Pierpoint

On seeing the 2014 leaflet for this very new postgraduate course (local to me in Canterbury), I knew it was important to commit to it, however challenging. This experience is partly what tutor Maggie Hyde later names ‘The Judder’. The course will be within ‘A range of wisdom traditions and the arts…seemingly non-rational modes of knowing, exploring the cosmological sense of the sacred, the widespread practices of symbol-interpretation and the cultural role of the creative imagination. [It] will appeal to all those seeking to enrich their lives through the study of the history, philosophy and rituals of Western sacred and esoteric tradition.’ And it has a striking, fiery, elemental mermaid painted on it like a call into an enchantment. I later learn that all these claims, and more, are true; it satisfies inner hungers, past and present; intellectual, spiritual, social.


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