This week we speak to musician, scholar and astrologer, Dr Angela Voss. Dr Voss is Programme Director for the ‘Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred’ MA at Canterbury Christ Church Cathedral University and is the author of the western esoteric masteries series book on Marsilio Ficino.

Ficino is one of the most fascinating people in European history, a cornerstone of the Renaissance and the story of western magic. So this is a great chat.

The Moment of Astrology

Discussion with Geoffrey about his book – ‘The Moment of Astrology’. It challenges the notion of what constitutes knowing and knowledge in our civilisation. This book aims to show that astrology is not only important in and of itself, but also for what it reveals about the nature of truth and our experience in general.

Jung and Astrology

A conversation with Maggie Hyde, author of ‘Jung and Astrology. The psychology of Carl Jung has been one of the most formative influences on modern astrology and in this book the author seeks to open up the debate concerning the limits of psychological astrology and to re-establish astrology as a varied and rich discipline in its own right. This book provides a review of Jung’s theories on astrological practice – what parts of his theories have been adapted, ignored and misunderstood. It explores the development of Jung’s theories on symbolism and his lifelong struggle with the theory of astrological synchronicity – illustrated throughout with examples of astrology in action.

One Mumbo Short of a Jumbo

In these two audio clips, Geoffrey Cornelius discusses how we reconcile post Enlightenment thinking with the type of knowledge available through divination and other ‘non-rational’ ways of knowing. The lecture was part of  the conference: Daimonic Imagination: Uncanny Intelligence 6th-7th May 2011, University of Kent, Canterbury.

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